The Happy Berry

Dates, Hours, and Prices

Operating Hours

Note: For the most up-to-date crop conditions and operating hours, please visit our homepage.

Blackberries Begin May 27! - Open Every Other Day the first week
Monday, May 27
Wednesday, May 29
and Friday, May 31
Hours on these dates are 8am-8pm
Picking will be slow at first but should improve rapidly.
Check back here for Memorial Day Weekend plans -
It depends on how quickly the harvest improves this coming week.

2023 Prices

Cash Preferred. There will be a 4% surcharge for all payments made by credit card.
Blackberries $ 4.00 $11.00
*At market $12.00
Blueberries $ 4.00 $11.00
*At market $12.00
Seedless grapes $4.00 $11.00 N/A
*At market $12.00 N/A
Figs tbd tbd N/A
*At market tbd N/A
Muscadines tbd tbd tbd
*At market tbd tbd
Seedless Muscadines
Oh My
Oh Gosh
Oh Golly
$tbd $tbd
*At market $tbd
Persimmons $tbd / *Pre-picked only
We love it when you bring your own containers.