The Happy Berry

Dates, Hours, and Prices

Operating Hours

Note: For the most up-to-date crop conditions and operating hours, please visit our homepage.

Hours of Operation - November 2023

This time of year we will also be working around the farm doing lay-by, and have limited staffing. Farm is still open but if no one is on the porch we operate on the Honor System.
Please call or check our home page for latest updates.

2023 Prices

Cash Preferred. There will be a 4% surcharge for all payments made by credit card.
Blackberries $ 4.00 $11.00
*At market $12.00
Blueberries $ 4.00 $11.00
*At market $12.00
Seedless grapes $4.00 $11.00 N/A
*At market $12.00 N/A
Figs tbd tbd N/A
*At market tbd N/A
Muscadines tbd tbd tbd
*At market tbd tbd
Seedless Muscadines
Oh My
Oh Gosh
Oh Golly
$tbd $tbd
*At market $tbd
Persimmons $tbd / *Pre-picked only
We love it when you bring your own containers.