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Updated 8/16/2009
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Make The Happy Berry part of your vacation destination!

Upstate SC is an outdoor recreation playground. This region offers numerous Duke Power and County parks and 155,000 acres to explore. Lake Keowee is within minutes of the farm and we are a reasonable drive from any recreation you choose. The following list is by no means all inclusive, and we obviously have not personally experienced all of these services ourselves. We provide the following only as a resource for you as you plan your next vacation.

For a brochure on "Tour Pickens County" and other information, call or visit the following Chambers of Commerce:

SC Heritage Corridor - Places to Go/Things to Do

Discover Upcountry Carolina Association

Pendleton District Commission

Anderson Convention & Visitors Bureau
Located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Anderson County lies on the shores of Lake Hartwell, one of the most popular lakes in the Southeast. The lake is 56,000 acres big, with more than 900 miles of shoreline, making us a paradise for fishing and boating. Our county is studded with landmarks from its past, including historic Pendleton, the Woodburn & Ashtabula historic homes and the Anderson County Museum. The South Carolina National Heritage Corridor travels through Anderson County as part of its 240 mile route through our state. We're also a great place to tee it up-our 11 golf courses are open all year.


Places to Stay

Golf Courses


There are four gristmills in Pickens County. Several are only open one day a month, so be sure to check them out before making your plans.

Hiking Trails

There are lots of hiking trails in the area. Check out an overview of some of the available trails. For example:

In addition, many of the state parks (see below) offer hiking trails. There must be about 60 trails in all in the area.

Other Outdoor Recreation

Jocassee Outdoor Center. 864-944-9016 for information and directions. Services include boat rentals, kayak rentals, paddle boats, scuba equipment, guided lake tours, fishing guide services, hiking trail shuttles and across the lake shuttles, hiking guides, boat storage and boat all you have to do is show up!


There are numerous waterfalls, including Eastatoe and Laurel Fork Falls.

Hunting and Fishing

Much of the area is in SC wildlife management zones.

To find fish attractor sites installed by Department of Natural Resources (DNR) using your GPS, go here. To find what baits, depth to fish, and where, check out the SC DNR freshwater fishing report. (Personal note — The Berry Bunch has been residents in the area for 30+ years, and every time we have checked, they have been right on target. In fact, if in doubt, we typically check what they say. It is done by DNR and is updated weekly. Covers Keowee and Jocassee [as well as other area lakes], but because the two lakes are a pump back, they sometimes slip and just call it Keowee.)

Trail Rides

County Parks

State Parks

There are 8 state parks within reach of The Happy Berry. The websites give all the details but reservations are made through a statewide system.

Museums and Historic Sites

Local Artists

Local Food

Our belief is that local farms like ours are important to the community and ultimately provide an essential environmental service for the future of our planet. Not to mention it is a fun and healthy outing for families! Please check our list of other farms and local food providers in our area.

Jocassee Gorges Resource List

For Happy Berry customers wishing to explore the area.