The Happy Berry

Last updated Arpil 1, 2017

Spring Into Clemson

Sat April 1 / 1pm - 8pm
We will have Willows and more at Spring Into Clemson. This is an exciting event , highlighting downtown Clemson as a college town, and a place where area residents can experience fun, food, art and family activities while supporting a good cause.

Strawberries Have Already Begun!

We don't have Strawberries But Friends Do- Generally speaking, because of the very warm January, February and March, strawberry growers started picking very early. Mid march was devastating to many growers due to temperatures in the teens. See below for more.

Willows & Woody Florals
Bundles, Cuttings & Starter Plants

Staffed some Saturdays - See schedule to the right.
Also available by appointment.

See our Newsletter for
our Spring News

Strawberries Have Begun!
We don't have strawberries but we have friends that do!

Generally speaking, because of the very warm January, February and March (it takes generally 35 days from flower to fruit) strawberry growers started picking very early. Mid march was devastating to many growers due to temperatures in the teens in the area. One night (3-13/14) was a windy freeze and one night 3-14/15, the coldest, was without wind. Many did frost protect with varying degrees of success. There was also severe hail in the area that made a broad swipe in the region. Here's what I have heard.

Hunter farms near Dacusville will start April 8, The Berry Patch near Anderson is already picking. Similarly Beechwood farms in Marietta (under new family management) is picking but there telephone numbers are not answering and I have been unable to get any contact information. Fred and Sara Lynn north of Greenville is picking. I believe Callahan's orchard near Piedmont is also picking.

Blackberries - estimated May 25
Blueberries - estimated June 15

Our forecast for blackberries is May 25 and blueberries is June 15. It is our understanding that Georgia blueberries were hit very hard by the freeze discussed above and thus late May early June supplies may be limited. Florida blueberries, especially below I-4 are okay but they generally stop picking about late May. Further we understand that coastal SC blueberries have been severely damaged. North Carolina has been very quiet and there situation is unknown at this time. As time goes on We will give you an update.
See our April 1 newsletter for the detailed crop report.

Willow Harvest Has Begun
We still have decorative branches and stems!
The Willow Harvest is ON! Willows make great Easter decorations and gifts. We have bundles, cuttings and potted starter plants available. We will be staffed some Saturdays (see schedule to the right) and are always available by appointment. Call Walker 864-350-9345.
Red and yellow stick dogwood will be in short supply this year, not sold out but close. We will have plenty of red curly and of course, the "darling" of them all, the woolly & silver willows will be in good supply too. In addition, we are rooting two varieties of weeping willow since we have had many requests... but give us time to get them going.
Recently a friend shared a blog we found very interesting It is worth the visit for winter decorative ideas.

Eggs, Jams & NEW THIS YEAR
Frozen Blue- and Blackberries

We still have eggs and jams for sale on the porch. We have added this year frozen blueberries and blackberries in a small freezer on the porch. If you like this we could expand the volume for the winter of 2017. The prices are on the bags in the freezer. Purchases are on the honor system if we are not there.

Hours of Operation

Sunday: Closed

Monday - Friday: 9am until 6pm
Saturday: 9am until 6pm
Staffed Saturdays 11am-3pm on the following dates: April 8 and 15
Much of the time we will be on the honor system but if you need us to resolve a change issue (cash preferred) or use a card, call Walker at 864-350-9345. Usually he is on-farm. Ringing the bell works if he is not on the tractor, otherwise the phone works.


Home Shows & Programs
Jan 27-29 - Savannah Low Country Home and Garden Show at The Civic Center
Feb 10-12 Anderson Home and Garden Show at the Civic Center
Feb 11 the Master Gardener Symposium at the TD Convention Center in Greenville
Feb 25 -26 Asheville Build and Remodel Home and Garden
March 25 at the Anderson Library "How-To Fair" 10a-3:30p

April 1 Spring Into Clemson, 1pm - 8pm

If you need a program on willows, and it does not conflict with theses dates call us (864 350 9345). We would love to help you!

2016 Prices

Blackberries $2.50 $6.00 $24.00
Blueberries $2.50 $6.00 $24.00
Seedless grapes $2.50 $6.00 $24.00
Figs $2.50 $6.00 $24.00
Muscadines $2.00 $5.00 $20.00
Pre-Picked Only
Sold By the Pound

CAUTION - Please wear shoes with good tread.
Please no sandles or flip flops. The terrain is uneven, and in places, sometimes steep. Please wear shoes with good tread for walking around the farm. See our Picking Tips

Speed limit is 6 miles per hour....
For your own safety as well as others -
Please drive slowly and carefully.

BYOB – Bring-your-own-bucket
We love it when you bring your own buckets. If you have extra plastic buckets or quart cups, we would welcome these donations to the cause.  We can wash and sanitize them and they will be "good to go" for another round.

Parking Tips 
We ask our workers to park at the top of the driveway in order to save parking down near the old farm house for you!  That means that seeing cars at the top does not mean you have to walk in.  If we are really crowded we will have someone at the top to direct parking.  With that said, please note that trailers or RV types of vehicles must park at the top of the driveway in the first parking area.  They should not be taken down to the house because there is not enough room to turn them around.

Preferred method of payment
We love Cash!  We also accept checks, and Visa or Mastercard debit/credit cards.  We are hoping that you will all continue to use cash or checks as much as possible. 

We are now mobile-friendly!
On Saturday June 4, 2016 we posted our new mobile friendly website. Please bear with us as we iron out some bumps and links. Please let us know how you like the new look, and if you find any bumps! We would love your input.

Dog Policy
Please leave your pets at home.
We love dogs but it is best not to bring dogs to the farm. We cannot allow dogs in the fields and the parking area is too hot to leave pets in the car. If you cannot avoid having your dog with you, please plan for a member of your group to stay with the dog; stay out of the fields (no one wants berries that were...ah..sprayed); carry doggie bags for the unmentionable; and keep the dog on a 6 foot (or shorter) leash.

Only getting about 3 dozens eggs a day
Please call first if you are making a special trip-

More to Look Forward to - Eventually
We have added Goji, mulberries and even planted more Persimmons. They have not come on-line yet.
We have also planted more fig trees since we seem to consistently have more demand than supply.
And, as always, we will be tinkering with ways we can lower our impact on the environment,
up our harvest productivity, maintain profitability so we can stay in business
and better serve our community.
Ask Walker for details and/or Stay tuned for updates!