2001 Happy Berry Newsletter Archive

Calendar Year 2001 Newsletters

Released May 23, 2001

2001 Blackberry Report
The blackberries are looking great! We will start blackberry harvest MAY 30. We will start with the variety Choctaw, then move on to Arapaho about the 10 of June but it will be light [due to a frost on April 19]. Then Shawnee about 5 or 6 days later and they are loaded. This year we will have Kiowa and Apache as they are in their first bearing year. Finally we will start Chester in late July. Bottom line is we will have more this year than last year. We are expecting raspberries to begin about June 10. The blueberries are looking fantastic. We will start blueberries about June 23. We will send another card announcing blueberries in mid June. Please share this card with a friend

If you would like pre picked berries please call ahead or drop us an email at hberry@innova.net. The u-pick price for blueberries and blackberries is the same as the last several years $1.25 per pound. The we-pick price is $14 per gallon(6 lb) or $3.50 per quart(1.5 lb). We have limited amounts of raspberries. Raspberries will be $4 per pound u-pick and $4.00 per pint we-pick.

Hours are 8 till dusk Monday through Saturday and 12 noon till dusk Sunday. The grass is mowed, we have picnic tables, ice water and a portable toilet. We have a web site sponsored by Innova.net. Thank them if you get an opportunity. There is coupon at the web site. Our web site url to bookmark is www.innova.net/~hberry

See you at The Happy Berry! Walker, Ann, Zoe and Chub House (864) 868 2946 Farm (864) 350 9345

Released by email only May 13, 2001

Greetings from The Happy Berry Bunch!

Well the excitement is building at the farm. It looks like a great crop this year. Many people have been stopping by to check on the crop. Because of this we thought it would good give you an update. At this time we are expecting to start picking blackberries on May 30, 2001. We are thinking the raspberries will start soon after that. The blueberries won't start till about June 23, give or take a day or two. If there are any changes we will update you by email. If you have gotten on our email list and do not want to be, let us know and we will remove you immediately.

See you in berry season!

Walker, for The Happy Berry Bunch